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2023 Events

Here's a list of our upcoming events! See something you like? Click the corresponding links to register!

**Please note: registration is required for attendance of all STEM Saturday session**


STEM Saturday: Color Changing Slime


October 21st

Ready to get hands-on with science? Join us as we explore heat and temperature changes using color-changing slime, just in time for cooler weather! Click the link below to register!

STEM Saturday: Camouflage Critters

October 7th

Ready for a wild adventure?  Let's uncover the art of animal camouflage and test our skills with a room-wide hide-and-seek challenge! Click the link below to register!

STEM Saturday: Hydraulic Crane Lift

November 4th



Ready to unleash your inner engineer? Let's dive into the world of engineering and craft a hydraulic crane from common materials!  Click the link below to register!


STEM Saturday: Robotic Hand

November 18th



Ready to give your creativity a robotic twist? Let's explore the fascinating world of engineering by building a robotic hand with simple craft materials!   Click the link below to register!

STEM Saturday: DIY Hand Warmers


December 2nd



Feeling the chill? Join us for a cozy DIY adventure! We're crafting homemade hand warmers and delving into the science of warmth.  Click the link below to register!


Previous Events​

STEM Saturday: Egg Drop

Unleashing their creativity and engineering prowess, students took on the Egg Drop Challenge, crafting ingenious structures to safeguard eggs from perilous falls. Dive into the captivating snapshots below to witness their remarkable feats of protection!

STEM Saturday: DIY Terrarium

Exploring the wonders of nature, students, alongside the guidance of Kiana Jones, created their own captivating terrariums. Check out the pics to witness their miniature ecosystems thriving in enchanting jars!

STEM Saturday: GearBug

Embarking on a thrilling journey into the realm of robotics, students dove headfirst into assembling and racing the awe-inspiring 3D robots, GearBugs! Check out our pics to see how it went!

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