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2023 Events

Here's a list of our upcoming events! See something you like? Click the corresponding links to register!

**Please note: registration is required for attendance of all STEM Saturday session**

STEM Saturday: Scribble Bots

May 20th



Join us Saturday, May 20th for an exciting time with our cup-and-marker robots and put your abilities to the test! Get ready to unleash your creativity as you design your own scribble bot and be amazed by the ‘draw’-dropping results. Click the link below to register!


STEM Saturday: Bug Behavior

June 10th



Join us Saturday, June 10th to learn about the 'buzz’-worthy world of bug behavior and ‘ant’-icipate an exciting day of discovery as we observe how these fascinating creatures interact with one another. Click the link below to register!


Previous Events​

STEM Saturday: Egg Drop Challenge


April 22th, 2023 10AM-11AM

Why are trees the best networkers? Because they're constantly branching out! Trees are some of the oldest living beings on the planet but its hard to know they're age by just looking. Join us on March 25th where we will be learning all about trees and their ages from an expert!

Welcome back to STEM Saturday! Hopefully your year hasn't had a rocky start but just in case it did, YO STEM has the perfect project to for you! Come learn about everyone's favorite kind of rock: crystals! On January 14th we will be learning all about crystals and. making our own using different household materials!

Remember what we made at the last session? If it's a little foggy, let me help you make it clear...crystal clear that is! On January 28th, we will be studying the crystals we made under a microscope to get a closer look at their different structures. 


STEM Saturday: Ozobots

Has the cold been making you feel a little lazy like a couch potato? Need a little energy? YO STEM can help with that! Join us February 11th where we will be learning about electricity within potatoes and making potato batteries! 


STEM Saturday: Potato Power



An in-person event for our elementary and middle school students. Volunteers provided by Accenture will touch on the importance of coding followed by a fun activity via to put your skills to test

On your mark, get set, GO! On February 25th, we will be learning about our tiny robot friends, Ozobots, and racing them to the finish line! 

Let's run it back to one of YO STEM's favorite subjects: polymers! On March 11th, we will be making plastic out of milk and building sturdy structures! 


STEM Saturday: Crystal Science pt. 2


Hour of Code


STEM Saturday: Milk Plastics


STEM Saturday: Tree Rings

original (1).jpg

STEM Saturday: Elephant Toothpaste

What does an elephant use to brush their teeth? Technically nothing, but if they did this would be the perfect activity to help them out. Join us on April 8th where we will be learning about chemical reactions by making elephant toothpaste! 

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! Maybe if he had one of your protective structures he would've been okay! Join us on April 22nd where we will be putting your building skills to the test to see who can protect their egg from a great fall! 


STEM Saturday: Egg Drop


STEM Saturday: DIY Terrarium

You all loved the terrarium session this past year so we decided to bring it back again! On May 6th, expert terrarium maker and owner of PM Terrariums, Kiana Jones, will be showing us how to make our own cool little ecosystem in a jar! 


STEM Saturday: Crystal Science pt. 1

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