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2022 Events

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May 21, 2022  10:00-11:00am

Students will learn the concept of buoyancy, an object’s ability to float. The lesson will then be put to test by having the students create their own boats mainly from aluminum foil and testing its buoyancy under the weight of various amounts of coins.

Instagram caption: Ever wonder how ships stay afloat out on the ocean or why a rock will sink but a beach ball will float? Let’s find out how and why this next STEM Saturday! Put your construction skills to test this Saturday, May 21st to see if you can build an aluminum boat that sails as smooth as a cruise ship or if it will sink like the Titanic!

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June 4, 2022  10:00-11:00am

Students will learn about potential and kinetic energy by building and racing easy assemble rubber band cars.

Instagram caption: Ready, set, GO! Come learn about potential vs kinetic energy by building and racing cardboard cars propelled by rubber bands! We’re no NASCAR but will your car win first place on the track or come in last? Join us June 4th to find out!

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