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2022 STEM Saturdays

Take a look at our past STEM Saturday sessions!

Hydroponic Garden

Ever wanted a garden but can’t seem to remember to water it? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Come improve your green thumb on September 10th by making your own self-watering planters! Click the link in our bio to sign up!

Closed Terrarium

We’re sure you’re familiar with your local area but have you ever heard of a biological community? If not, let YO! STEM do a neighborly thing and help you out! Join us on September 24th, where we will be huddled together like the close-knit family we are, learning about life cycles and creating closed terrariums! Click the link in our bio to sign up!

Magnetic Slime

Here at YO! STEM, we are filled with scientific knowledge and oozing with creativity, just like slime! Let your curiosity pull you into our October 8th session where we will be making magnetic slime and learning about magnetic pull! Don’t let this activity scare you; we promise it won’t be a sticky situation! Click the link in our bio to sign up!

Snap Circuits

It’s alive!..well, sort of. Electric circuits are used to power up everyday electronics and if you know what you’re doing you can make it happen in a snap! On October 22nd, let’s play Dr. Frankenstein and use Snap Circuit kits to bring little devices to life! Click the link to sign up!

DIY Gummy Candy

Want to learn a trick that will give you a treat? Come out on November 5th to make your own creepy crawly gummy candies and learn about molecules! You won’t have to go door to door this year to get the good stuff! Click the link to sign up!

Cable Bridge

Did you know the cable suspension bridge was invented by Native Americans? Designs like the famous Golden Gate Bridge were invented long before America was established! Bridge your knowledge gap with us on November 19th as we learn more about the concept, structure, and capacity of cable bridges by creating our own! Click the link to sign up!

Foaming Snow

In the words of Anna from Frozen: do you want to build a snowman? With unpredictable Tennessee weather, it can be hard to know if we’ll see real snow or not but don’t worry, YO! STEM has a solution! Join us December 3rd to build your own snowman and other miniature creations using fake snow! Click the link to sign up!

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